Belarus. Alexei Fedorov won with 8/11 his 5th Belarus Championship.
Brazil. At the 3rd Floripa Open, Axel Bachmann (PAR) and Alexei Shirov (LAT) shared first after scoring 8.5/10.
England. Indian GM Deep Sengupta, who won already the tournament 6 years ago, was the clear winner of the 92nd Hastings Premier with 7/9 points. He was presented with the Golombek Trophy and first prize of £2,000.
Estonia. Kovalenko Igor Kovalenko (LAT) Vladimir  Potkin (RUS) and Daniel Fridman (GER) shared first at the traditional Keres Memorial (Rapid).
Chile. Paraguayan Grandmaster Neuris Delgado won the ZICOSUR Super Tournament with 7,5 point of 9.
Georgia. The 76th Georgian Championship took place 21st to 30th January 2017. Luka Paichadze won the 76th Georgian Championship after edging out Davit Jojua on tie-break after both scored 5.5/9.
India. Ukraine Grandmaster Tukhaev Adam with 8.5/10 emerged the champion, after the final round, in the 9th Chennai Open Grandmaster Chess tournament 2017 ahead of Alberto David 8/10 from Italia.
Farrukh Amonatov (TJK) won with 8.5/10 won the strongest Open of India in Delhi ahead of Diptayan Ghosh and Marat Dzhumaev with 8 points.
Netherlands: The American Grandmaster Wesley So (23) has won with 9/13 the 79th edition of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament. Playing with black he managed to beat Russian Ian Nepomniatchi and thus managed to leave behind world champion Magnus Carlsen, Wei Yi and Levon Aronian. The English Grandmaster Gawain Jones managed to win the Tata Steel Challengers on tie-break from Markus Ragger from Austria.
New Zealand. The IM Ari Dale from Australia won the New Zealand Open with 7,5/9 and Scott Wastney won the 2017 national title.
Russia. The Russian IM Dmitry Gordievsky won the strong Moscow Open after edging out Vladislav Artemiev on tie-break after both scored 7.5/9. Oksana Gritsayeva won the women’s tournament.The Rilton Cup took place 27th December to 5th January 2017. Krishnan Sasikiran won with 7.5/9.
Sweden.  Top rated GM Krishnan Sasikiran from India secured first place with 7.5/9 at the 46th Rilton Cup ahead of Sergey Volkov and Gata Kamsky.
Switzerland. At Basel Schachfestival, Eltaj Safarli (AZE) edged out Jinshi Bai and Christian Bauer on tie-break after all scored 7/9.


Austria. The 18 years old Polished FM  Mikolaj Tomczak won the strong Graz Open (193 participants). He edged out GMs Evgeny Romanov, Evgeny Postny, Vahap Sanal and Gundavaa Bayarsaikhan on tie-break all with 7/9.
Brazil. Everaldo Matsuura and Alexandr Fier shared first at 83rd Brazilian Championship with 8.5/11.
Cuba. Lazaro Bruzon Batista won his 6th national title after scoring 6.5/9.
France. Without the usual sponsoring of the municipality, the organizers of the 33rd Cappelle-la-Grande Open decided to maintain the event, the French GM Jean-Marc Degraeve won the tournament with 8/9.
Netherlands. At the  77th Noteboom Tournament in Leiden, Sergey Fedorchuk shared first with Roeland Pruijssers with 5.5/6.
Portugal. The Venezuelan Grandmaster Eduardo Iturrizaga Bonelli won the Portugal Open with 8/9.
UAE. At the first leg of the 2017-1018 FIDE Grand Prix, Alexander Grischuk, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov shared first place with 5.5/9.
Uruguay. The Argentine GM Sandro Mareco won the 1st Marcel Duchamp Cup in Montevideo with an amazing 9/9, two points ahead of Delgado Ramirez and Garcia Palermo.


Azerbaijan.  Nijat Abasov with 7.5/9 became the new Azeri Champion. Misratdin Iskandarov was second with 7.
Germany. The German GM Alexandr Karpatchev won with 7.5/9 the 33rd Bad Worishofen festival ahead of a group of 5 players with 7/9.
England. In the annual and 135th Varsity Match between the two well-known Universities, Oxford beat 4.5-3.5 Cambridge.
Hungary. The Russian Boris Savchenko won with 8/9 the traditional Budapest Spring festival with 8/9.
Iran. Without the top players who have decided to boycott the event for different reasons, it is the unknown Chinese WGM Zhongyi Tan who became the new Women’s World Champion after winning the second rapid tie-break game against the favorite Anna Muzychuk from Ukraine.
Parham Maghsoodloo won with 7/11 won the 2017 national championship with 7/11 ahead of Pouria Darini with 6.5/11. Nia Vesal Hamedi won the women’s championship.
Latvia. Shirov and Vladimir Onischuk were the winners of the Tal Memorial Rapid and Blitz tournaments held in Jurmala.
Lithuania. At the 2017 Lithuanian Championship, Vidmantas Malisauskas edged out Lukas Stauskas, Andrius Brazdzionis and Rokas Klabis on tie-break after all scored 7/9.
Montenegro. Nikola Djukic won his 7th title of champion of Montenegro.
Poland. Kacper Piorun won the 74th Polish Championship, he edged out Jacek Tomczak on tie-break after all scored 6/9. In the Woman section, Monika Socko took her 8th national title.
Russia. A great success for the Russian GM Vladimir Fedoseev who won the Aeroflot A Group with 7/9. The French IM Gabriel Battaglini won the B Group with also 7/9.
Former Russian Champion Alekseev Evgeny won the 90th Championship of St. Petersburg.
Switzerland. IM Oliver Kurmann won the invitational tournament Accentus Masters of Bad Ragaz ahead of IM Noel Studer Imre Hera after all scored 6/9.
USA. The St Louis Winter Classic was divided into two groups. The A-Group was won by the English GM David Howell the with 6/9. The B-Group was won by the Ukrainian Andrey Baryshpolets on 6.5/9.
Vietnam: The Vietnamese GM Le Quang Liem won the strong 7th HD Bank Cup in Ho Chi Minh City ahead of Bu and Wang from China.


Argentina. The Argentine Grandmaster Diego Flores won one of the strongest Open of this year in Argentina the Jorge Szmetan Memorial with 7.5/11.
Brazil. The Peruvian Grandmaster Jorge Cori won with 7.5/9 the Zonal 2.4 and qualified for the World Cup.
 The Chinese GM Ding Liren won the strong category XXI Du Te Cup of Shenzhen with 6.5/9 ahead of Giri and Svidler with 6/9.
In Shenzen, Vasil Ivanchuk beat the best women’s rated player Hou Yifan in a four-game match 3-1.
Germany. Many world top players met for the Grenke Chess Classic 2017 in Karlsruhe. The Armenian GM Lev Aronian renewed with the victory winning the event with 5.5/7, a point and a half clear of Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana. Matlakov, Vitugov, Bacrot and Kozul shared first at the Open which attracted 688 players.
Denmark. The highest rated player and Grandmaster Mads Andersen became the 2017 national champion with 7.5/9.
FYROM.  At the Karpos Open, Samvel Ter-Sahakyan from Armenia edged out Kiril Georgiev, Anton Demchenko and Boris Savchenko on tie-break after all scored 7.5/9.
Iceland. Without a big opposition, the top GM Anish Giri won the Reykjavik Open with 8.5/10.
Kazakstan. Tthe local GM Rinat Jumabayev won the national championship with an impressive 9/11.
Latvia. Nana Dzagnidze won the 18th European Women’s Championship with 8.5/11 half point ahead of Aleksandra Goryachkina and Alisa Galliamova.
Mexico. Emilio Cordova of Peru won a strong field in Leon at the LXIII Mexican Open. He scored  7.5/9 finishing ahead of Bartlomiej Macieja and Gilberto Hernandez Guerrero who scored 5/9.
Romania. Istratescu who recently moved back to the Romanian CF won the 2017 Romanian Championship with 7.5/9. Corina-Isabela Peptan won the Women ‘s Championship.
Switzerland. The American Hikaru Nakamura won the final combined standings of the Korchnoi Zurich Chess Challenge with 15pts/21 ahead of Ian Nepomniachtchi 14pts and Viswanathan Anand 13.5pts.
Thailand. Nigel Short scored another success at the 19th Bankok Open finishing without any defeat the tournament with 7.5/9.
Turkey. At the 3rd Ordu Open, Djurabek Khamrakulov a strong Uzbek International Master edged out Tamir Nabaty, Kivanc Haznedaroglu and Alexander Zubov on tie-break, after all, scored 6.5/9.
UAE. For its first edition, the Sharjah Masters attracted a strong field of foreign GMs. The Chinese GM Wang Hao edged out Adhiban, Kravtsiv, Kryvoruchko, Sethuraman and Salem after all scored 7/9.
The English Grandmaster Gawain C B Jones won his second Dubai Open after scoring 6.5/9 together with 3 other players.
USA. Wesley So won his first US Championship. He beat Alexander Onischuk after a tie-break match. The Romanian Woman Grandmaster Sabina-Francesca Foisor won the women’s event.
The young American Grandmaster Sam Sevian shared first at the 11th Philadelphia Open with Angel Arribas Lopez after both scored 7/9 shared 11,000 USD.
Vietnam. At the 2007 Vietnamese championship, Tran Tuan Minh edged out Nguyen Van Huy on tie-break after both scored 8/11.


Argentina. Mareco Sandro from Argentina won the Zonal 2.5 and qualified for the World Cup.
Bosnia. The Russian Grandmaster Anton Demchenko won the 47th Bosna Open.
China. Yi Wei won his 3rd title of Chinese Champion with 8.5/11 and Tingjie Lie won the women’s title with 9/11.
Wang Hao from China won the 16th Asian Continental Championship edged out Bu Xiangzhi on tie-break after both scored 7/9. In the woman section, Vo Thi Kim Phung from Vietnam took the title with 7.5/9.
Croatia. Marin Bosiočić won the Croatian Championship with 7.5/9 ahead of Stevic and Ivan Saric with 7 points.
Cuba. The Cuban GM Ermes Espinosa Veloz won the A-Group of the 26th Guillermo Garcia Memorial on tie-break from Aramis Alvarez Pedraza (CUB) after both scored 6.5/9.
Czech Republic. David Navara won his 8th title of Czech Champion with 7.5/9 ahead of Zbynek Hracek and Jiri Stocek 6.5/9.
El Salvador. The Cuban Joshua Daniel Ruiz Castillo won the Zonal 2.3 edging out Yuri Gonzalez Vidal of Colombia on tie-break after both scored 7/9.
Hungary. At the 36th Zalakaros Open, Alexander Zubov and Richard Rapport shared first with 7/9.
India. The Iranian IM Masoud Mosadeghpour became the new Asian Junior Champion with 8 points ahead of his countryman Alireza Firouzja
Latvia. Arturs Bernotas won the 2017 Latvian Championship with 7.5/9.
Russia. Moscow was the venue of the second stage of the FIDE Grand Prix 2017. Ding Liren from China took clear first with 6/9 half a point clear of Shakhriyar Mamedyarov from Azerbaijan who finished with 5.5/9.
Spain. The Ukrainian Sergey Fedorchuk won the 6th Llucmajor Open edged out the Spanish Jose Fernando Cuenca Jimenez on tie-break after both scored 7.5/9.
USA. The three Grandmaster tournaments of the St Louis Spring Classic were won respectively by the American GMs Varuzhan Akobian with 6/9,  Awonder Liang 7.5/9 and Sam Sevian with 7.5/10.
Sam Savian score another success by winning the 26th Open of Chicago with 7.5/9 ahead of Illia I Nyzhnyk from Ukraine 7/9.


Belarus. Maxim Matlakov Jobava Baadur and Vladimir Fedoseev with 8.5/11 shared the first place at the 18th European Championship in Minsk. Matlakov won the title on tie-break.
Colombia. The young American Grandmaster Sam Sevian won the 12th American Continental Championship on tiebreak with 8.5/11 ahead of top-seeded players  Bruzon and Cori.
Cuba. The Indian Sasikiran Krishnan Sasikiran won the 52nd Capablanca Memorial with 6.5/9 ahead of Ivanchuk 5.5.
India. A great performance by Nguyen Duc Hoa of Vietnam who won with 8.5/11 the 10th Mayors Cup Open in Mumbai.
Czech Republic. The Russian Maxi Turov won the 12th Teplice Open 2017 with 7;5/9 ahead of Tamir Nabaty and Kamil Dragun.
Lithuania. The Lithuanian GM Aloyzas Kveinys won the 2017 Baltic Zonal with 6.5/9. The tournament was sponsored by FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.
Norway. The Armenian Lev Aronian won the strongest chess tournament of the history (Cat. 22 av. 2792) at Stavanger. He finished with 6/9 a point ahead of Nakamura and Kramnik.
Finland. The 18-year-old Teemu Virtanen became the 2018 Finland Champion ahead of Mika Karttunen. Both scored 4.5/7.
France. The second Grand Chess Tour of Paris included blitz and rapid chess tournaments with the best world chess players as participants. Carlsen won the final standing a fter beating Maxime Vachier-Lagrave in a tie-break match 1.5-0.5.
Russia. Vadim Moiseenko and Daniil Lintchevski shared first at the 39th Nezhmetdinov Memorial with 7/9.
After Tromso Olympiads, China (16 pts) has shown once more that its national team was the best of the world by winning the World Team Championship in Khanty-Mansiysk ahead of Russia (15 pts) and Poland (12 pts). In the women section, Russia finished clear first ahead of China and Georgia.
Sergey Volkov scored an impressive victory at the 21st Voronezh Master Open with 7.5/9.
Slovakia. Kutwal Shashikant from India became the 17th IPCA World Champion on tie-break edged out Andrei Gurbanov from Istarel with 7.5/9.
USA. The young American GM Sam Sevian won the 12th American Continental Championship on tie-break ahead of seven players including Cori from Peru and Delgado Ramirez from Paraguay.
L. Tigran Petrosian won the 1st prize and 8,000 USD at the 2017 National Open in Las Vegas
Uzbekistan. No surprise at the Zonal 3.4, Jahongir Vakhidov, the highest rated player from Uzbekistan is qualified for the World Cup.


Algeria. Amin Bassem from Egypt won his third title of African Individual Champion in Oran edging out Daniel Cawdery from South Africa on tie-break after both scored 7/9.
Andorra. The Spanish player Manuel Pena Gomez won the 35th Andorra Open on tie-break ahead of Daniel Forcen Esteban and Alexander Kaspi with 7.5/9.
At the 10th Karen Asrian Memorial, Haik Martirosyan edged out Tigran Kotanjian and Andrey Zhigalko after all scored 7/9.
After Paris, the Grand Chess Tour Rapid and Blitz YourNextMove tournament took place in Leuven. Magnus Carlsen scored another success this time ahead of Wesley So.
The IM Mher Hovhannisyan won his 4th title of Belgium Champion with 7/9 ahead of Stefan Docx 6.5/9.
Czechia. The Czech GM Jan Krejci won the traditional Czech Open with 8/9.
Denmark. At the Copenhagen Chess Festival and Xtracon Chess Open the Georgian GM Baadur Jobava won the event with 8.5/10.
Germany. GM Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu won his first title of German Champion by winning the 88th German Chess Championship with 7.7/9 ahead of Rasmus Svane and Alexander Donchenko both with 6.5/9.
Greece. The Belarus GM Kirill Stupak won the 10th Paleochora Open edging out Momchil Nikolov and Vitaliy Bernadskiy on tie-break with 7.5/9.
India. The Indian GM Gupta Abhijeet Gupta became the new Commonwealth Champion with 7.5 ahead of  Suri Vaibhav and Tejas Bakre both finishing with 7/9.
Israel. The 20th Maccabiah, a festival organized every four years for Jewish players by Moshe Slav, included 5 tournaments. The two Grandmaster groups were won by Georg Meier and Baron Tal.
Iran. The Iranian GM Pourramezanali Amirreza won the Zonal 3.1 and qualified for the World Cup.
Kazakhstan. Farrukh Amonatov won with 7.5/9 the first Astana Open ahead Aleksandr Shimanov and Vladislav Kovalev with 7/9.
Netherlands. Loek van Wely beat Sipke Ernst 1.5-0.5 in a tie-break match and won his eighth national title.
Erik Van den Doel won the 7th Amsterdam Science Park Open in solo with 7.5/9.
Norway. Without Magnus Carlsen, Jon Ludvig Hammer won his second national title with 6.5/9.
Poland. The Polish GM Piorun, Kacper win convincingly the traditional Metlife Najdorf Memorial with 7/9 ahead of Sadzikowski, Daniel Sadzikowski, Daniel Friedman with 6.5/9.
Slovenia. Jure Skoberne edged out Igor Jelen on tie-break after both scored 7/9. to win the  20th Pirc Memorial.
Spain. At the 25th Montcada Open Sundar M. Shyam of India and Vladimir Burmakin from Russia shared the first place with 7/9.
Wesley So won the 30th Leon Rapid Chess tournament after beating Vishy Anand 3.5-2.5 in final.
Sweden. At the Nordic Zonal Championship, Johann Hjartarson shard first with Nils Grandelius with 7.5/9 but won the title on tie-break.
The GM Hans Tikkanen won his 3rd title of Champion in Sweden with 7/9 ahead of Nils Grandelius 6/9.
Switzerland. The former Women’s World Champion Hou Yifan scored one of the finest women’s chess results in taking the first place of the 50th Biel Chess Festival with 6.5/9 ahead of Etienne Bacrot with 6/9.
Mateusz Bartel and Vladimir Baklan shared first at the Biel Open with 7/9.
Russia.  At 70th Russian Chess Championship Higher League, the two young Grandmasters Daniil Dubov and Sanan Sjugirov shared first with 6.65/9 and qualified for the Russian Championship. Marina Nechaeva won the Women’s qualification tournament.
USA. At the 11th Philadelphia Open, the Russian GM Andrey Stukopin and American IM John Burke shared the first prize of 4,500 USD with 7/9.
Tigran L Petrosian collected a new success after Las Vegas by winning with 7.5/9 the World Open and its first prize of 20,000 USD ahead of Liem Quang Le and Jeffery Xiong 7/9.
Awonder Liang with 6.5/9 and Akshita Gorti with 7/9 are the US Championshions for boys and girls.
The Match of the Millennials between a US Under 19 and Under 14 teams against Rest of the World ended in a surprising but convincing win for the Rest of the World in both sections (19-13, 11.5-4.5).


France. Etienne Bacrot won his 8th title of French Champion after sharing first with Laurent Fressinet. IM Sophie Millet won the women championship.
Germany. In Dresden at the German Masters, the GMs Falko Bindrich and Rainer Buhmann shared first in the GM with 4.5/7. The Ukrainian GM Vladimir Onischuk won the ZDMI Open.
Hungary. At the BSSZ Aranytiz GM, David Berczes edged out Balazs Csonka, Miklos Nemeth and Laszlo Gond.
The Netherlands. Chanda Sandipan and Koen Leenhouts shared first with 7/9 at the traditional Open organized in Dieren.
Eduard Iturrizaga Bonelli, Jorden Van Foreest, and Benjamin Bok shared first with 7.5/9 at the 21st Hogeschool Zeeland Tournament.
Latvia. Vladimir Onischuk and Sergey Pavlov shared first at the Riga Technical University Open with a score of 7.5/9.
Poland. Volodymyr Vetoshko and Krzysztof Jakubowski shared first at the 1st Irena Warakomska Memorial with 7/9.
Russia. Evgeny Alekseev and Pavel Ponkratov shared first at the St Petersburg Summer Open.
Spain. Karen Grigoryan and Tigran S Petrosyan shared first at the 43rd Badalona Open with 7.5/9.
At Sabadell, Karen Movsziszian (ARM), Nils-Gustaf Renman and Nona Gaprindashvili, became the European Senior Champions.
Rinat Jumabayev (KAZ) won the Open Internacional de Sants in Barcelona with 8.5/10. The tournament, one of the biggest European Open, attracted more than 700 players.
 Gawain Jones beat Craig Hanley and Luke McShane in the final tie-break games to take the title of 104th British Champion.
UAE. The Egyptian GM Bassem Amin won the 24th Abu Dhabi Open with 7/9 ahead of Nigel Short 6.5/9.
USA. The French Maxime Vachier-Lagrave scored one of its greatest victories by winning the 5th Sinquefield Cup, a category 22, with 6/9 half a point clear of Magnus Carlsen and Vishy Anand.
At the Continental Open, Priyadharshan Kannappan and Alexander Ivanov shared the first prize with 5/6.
At the Washington Intl Open, the Filipino GM Oliver Aq Barbosa won the first prize with 7/9.
The Russian GM Vladimir Belous won with 7.5/9 the US Chess Masters took place 23rd to 27th August 2017. Vladimir Belous won with 7.5/9 ahead of Yaroslav Zherebukh and Sam Shankland.
Timur Gareev won the 12th Atlantic Open with 4.5/5.


Armenia. Karen H. Grigoryan and  M. Amin Tabatabaei won the Yerevan Open with 7.5/9.
In Tbilisi, The Armenian GM Levon Aronian won the World Cup after beating Ding Liren from China 4-2 in the rapid tie-break games.
England. The World Champion Magnus Carlsen is back to the victory after winning The chess.com Isle of Man Masters with 7.5/9 ahead of Anand and Nakamura both with 7/9. 
 At the Mitropacup in Balatonszarszo, the team of Croatia won for the seventh time ahead of the teams of Czechia and France. 
 In Bhubaneswar, the team of Rasht (IRI) won the Asian Cities Teams Championship ahead of Bhubaneswar and Dhaka.
Italy. Eldar Gasanov (AZE) won the 15th Amantea Open with 7/9 ahead of Banikas and Abergel 6.5.
The Hungarian GM Csaba Horvath won the Trieste Festival. with 7/9 ahead of V. Baklan 6.5.
Poland. Igor Kovalenko and Daniel Sadzikowski shared first at the 36th Ludwika Zamenhofa Memorial with 7/9.
Portugal. By winning the 2017 Portuguese Championship, the 17-year-old (and 5 months) IM Andre Ventura Sousa, became Portugal’s youngest National Champion.
Turkey. The Azeri GM Nijat Abasov won with 7.5/9 the Istanbul Open.
Turkmenistan. At the  5th Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games, the winners were: Zhongyi Tan (CHN) and Liem Le Quang (VIE).
U.S.A. The German GM Georg Meier shared first at The St Louis Fall Chess Classic with Yaroslav Zherebukh with 5.5/9. Josh Friedel won the B-Group.


Argentine. Diego Flores won his 5th national title with 9.5/13.
The Brazilian GM Yago De Moura Santiago won the 1st AXPG Brazil Open with 6/7.
The Ukrainian GM Vladimir Onischuk won the 21st Corsica Circuit Open with 7.5/9.
The Russian GM Sergey Volkov won the Beirut Open with 8/9 ahead of Anton Demchenko from Russia 7.5/9.
Norway. The Ukrainian GM Andriy Vovk won with 8.5/10 the Oslo Chess Festival.
The Georgian GM Giga Quparadze won the Stavanger Open with 7.5/9.
Russia. At the Chigorin Memorial, Kirill Alekseenko edged out David Paravyan, SP Sethuraman and Alexey Sarana on tie-break after all scored 7.5/9.
Spain. At the 82nd Spanish Championship, Ivan Salgado Lopez became the 2017 Champion with 7.5/9 ahead of  6 players with 7/9.
Ukraine. Oleg Korneev and Vitaly Sivuk were the winners of the 2017 Panchenko Memorial with 6/9.
U.S.A. The American born Iranian GM Elshan Moradiabadi won with 6/7 the Washington Chess Congress.
At the SPICE Cup Open in St. Louis, Lazaro Bruzon Batista, Yunieski Quesada and Dariusz Swiercz tied for first with 6.5/9.
Monaco. Anna Muzychuk with 9/11 and Alexandra Kosteniuk 10.5/13 are the winners of the 2017 European Women Rapid and Blitz.
Zambia. The Egyptian GM Ahmed Adly 7.5/9 won the Henry Chilufya Memorial, the first GM tournament organized in Zambia ahead of the Israeli Alon Greenfeld with 6/9.


Andorra. The team of Faroe Islands won the 5th European Small Nation Championship.
The Spanish GM David Anton Guijarro won with 7.5/9 the 3rd Patagonia Open
Nijat Abasov won the Baku Open.
Faroe Islands. The Belarus GM Nikita Maiorov won with 7.5/9 won the 1st Runavik Open
Germany. At the 21st OIBM in Tegernsee, Ahmed Adly  Kaido Kulaots, Chanda Sandipan and Bartlomiej Heberla shared the first place with 7.5/9.
Greece. At the European Team Championship, Azerbaijan took first place on tie-break from Russia after both teams scored 14/18. Russia won the Women’s Championship with a round to spare and scored 17/18 points 3 points clear of Georgia on 14 points.
India. Babu Lalith won the 55th Indian Championship with 9/13 ahead of Chithambaram Aravindh with 8.5/13.
The Norwegian GM Aryan Tari won the World Juniors ahead of Manuel Petrosyan from Armenia and Chithambaram Aravindh from India all on 8.5/11. Zhansaya Abdumalik from Kazakhstan won the Girls Champion.
Italy. Julio Granda (+50); Evgeny Sveshnikov (+65), Elvira Berend (+50) and Tamar Khmiadashvili (+65) were the winners of the World Senior Championship for men and women.
Russia. At the 13th Ugra Governor’s Cup, The Russian GMs Dmitriy Kokarev and Pavel Smirnov tied for first on 6/9.
Spain. Benjamin Gledura and Laurent Fresinet shared first at the Barcelona GM with 6/9.
At the final tournament of the FIDE Grand Prix was organized in Palma, Dmitry Jakovenko and Levon Aronian shared the first place. The 2016-2017 Grand Prix winner was Shakhriyar Mamedyarov ahead of Alexander Grischuk.
Tunisia. The Albanese GM Erald Dervishi won the 5th Francophonie Championship with 7.5/9.
U.S.A. The final scores of The Champions Showdown in Saint Louis were: Caruana 49-43 Grischuk, Nakamura 61.5-30.5 Topalov and Wesley So 47.5-44.5 Dominguez and finally Carlsen 67-25 Ding Liren.
The IM John M Burke won the Invitational GM Tournament in St. Louis and the IM Advait Patel the UT Dallas Fall Open.


China. The winners of the 2nd IMSA Championship organized in Huai’an, China were: Dmitry Andreikin and Antoaneta Stefanova in Rapid, Artemiev Vladislav and Antoaneta Stefanova in Blitz.
Croatia. GM Sasa Marinovic won the 2nd Hulak Memorial in Zagreb with 7/9.
Fabiano Caruana won the 9th London Chess Classic ahead of Ian Nepomniachtchi. Magnus Carlsen won the whole Grand Chess Tour series. 
Gabriel Sargissian, Hrant Melkumyan, and Sebastien Maze shared first at the London Classic Open with 7.5/9.
Italia. 17-year-old Luca Moroni and Olga Zimina became the Italian Champion for men and women.
Turkish GM Imre Can won the City of Roma Open with 7/9, a point ahead of Sebastian Bogner.
Poland. The winners of the European Championship Rapid and Blitz were: Sergei Zhigalko and  Maksim Vavulin.
Malaysia. K Rathnakaran and Karen H Grigoryan shared first at the 9th Penang Open with 8/9.
The Netherlands. At the 55th Groningen, Benjamin Bok and Evgeny Postny shared first with 7/9.
In St Petersburg, Peter Svidler won his 8th title of Russian Champion after defeating Nikita Vitiugov 2-0 in a tie-break rapid match. Aleksandra Goryachkina became the Russian Women’s Champion.
Pavel Ponkratov won the Russian Rapid Grand Prix Final ahead of Dmitriy Jakovenko.
South Arabia. In Rhyad with a prize fund record of 2,000,000 USD, Viswanathan Anand won his second World Rapid Championship ahead of  Vladimir Fedoseev and Ju Wenjun won the Women’s Rapid Championship. The Wolrd Blitz title went to Magnus Carlsen ahead of Sergey Karjakin and Nana Dzagnidze in the women event.
Ukraine. The IM Petro Golubka won the Ukrainian Championship ahead of  Vladimir Onischuk on tie-break after both scored 8/11. Iulija Osmak won the women’s title with 7/9.
U.S.A. Five players tied for first with 7/9 at the 27th North American Open, Robert Hess who took the first prize, Samuel Sevian, Ruifeng Li, Dionisio Aldama and Arun Prasad Suabramanian.U.S.A.