Vukcevich, Dr. Milan (11.03.1937 – 10.05.2005)

Vukcevich,-Dr.-MilanUS International Master (1958) and Grandmaster for Chess Compositions ( the first in US) born in Yugoslavia. Emmigrate to the United States in 1963 he finished a doctorate in metallurgy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology He moved then to Ohio and worked as a chief scientist for General Electric.

He played for Yugoslavia which collected the bronze medal in the 1960 Olympiad. In 1975, finished third in the US Championship.

His compositions were gathered together in My Chess Compositions (2003). He composed in all genres, including directmates, selfmates, helpmates, problems with fairy pieces and a small number of endgame studies.

Vukcevich has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. He was inducted into the US Chess Hall of Fame in 1998.

Author of Problems and Games of Dr. Milan R. Vukcevich (1981) and My Chess Compositions (2003).