Baginskaite Camilla (24.04.1967)

Baginskaite-CamillaU.S. Woman Grandmaster born in Lithuania. Coach. Camilla quickly advanced and, at age 15, became the youngest female master in Lithuania at the time. Baginskaite finished third in the World Championship for Girls under 20 in 1986 and a year later Camilla won the event. She played first board for the Lithuanian women’s team in three Olympiads (Manila, Moscow, Yerevan). In 1997, Camilla moved to the United States. In her first US Women’s Championship appearance in 2000, Camilla won the event together with Elina Groberman. A participant to the 2001 Women World Championship. She is the wife of Alex Yermolinsky. Best ELO: 2365 in 2002.