Charousek Rudolf (19.09.1873-18.04.1900)

Charouzek jpegHungarian player born in Prague. Charousek learned the moves only at age 16, while still in highschool. A brilliant student, Charousek entered university to study law in Kosice but soon found himself more interested in chess.

Best results: Charousek made his international debut at the strong Nuremberg 1896 tournament, finishing 12th out of 19, but defeating the winning, World Champion Emanuel Lasker, in their individual game, Budapest 1896, 1-2nd; Berlin 1997, 1st; Cologne 1998, 2nd.

Only seven years elapsed from learning the moves to- the end of his career, and he was under 27 when he played his last game. Charousek died from a severe internal hemorrhage in one of his lungs.

”All chess experts recognized him as a genius. He possesses an exceptional theoretical knowledge, his style of play is innovative and original, and he plays equally well in the middlegame and in the endgame…He is bold and confident in every position, and he is totally unimpressed by authorities.” L. Hoffer (The Field).