David Alberto (26.03.1970)

david-aLuxembourgian-Italian Grandmaster (1998), the first ever Luxembourgian to hold the title of Grandmaster. David has lived in Paris for more than 15 years and since 2012 he is playing for Italia where he won the national title in 2012 and 2016. Coach.

Best results: EU Rapid championship 1997, 2nd; Paris NAO GM 2003,1st; Paris NAO GM 2004, 1st-2nd; Every GM 2003, 1st; Paris Championship 2004 and 1st-3rd; Paris championship 2005, 1st-2nd; Open de la Tour Blanche 2007, 1st-3rd; Kavala Open 2009 1st-6th Bois Colombes Masters 2010, 1st-2nd; Deauville Masters 2010, 1st; Porto San Giorgio 2010, 1st-6th; Memorial Crespi 2010 (ITA), 1st-4th; Fourmies Open 2011, 1st-2nd; Riiga University 2011, 1st; Pyramides Grand Prix (FRA) 2012, 1st-2nd; Anogia Open 2015, 1st; Cap d’Agde Open 2016 1st-16th; Capablanca Memorial 2017 (GRE), 1st.

In a match, he lost to Vlad Tkachiev 6-2 in 1999.

A participant in the Olympiads between 1994 and 2006, playing first board for Luxembourg each time. In 2003 he was awarded a gold medal for the best individual performance at board 1 at the European Team Championship.

Peak rating: 2631 in 2010.