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Understanding the Rules of Chess

In order for you to enjoy chess facts and trivia and to moreover take part in learning chess strategies and perfecting them, you need to know the basics and understand the most important rules of chess. First of all, you need to understand the chess board, which consists of 64 dark and light squares, over 8 horizontal ranks and 8 vertical files.

In games, the horizontal ranks have the labels with letters from “A” to “H” in the English alphabet, whilst the vertical files are numbered from 1 to 8. Matching a letter and a number gives a coordinate to a single chess square from the board, and this is how movements are noted.

Another thing that you need to know about are the chess pieces. When beginning a new game of chess, each player is given an army of 16 pieces, and one player can either be the black or the white side. If you are starting a game, you’ll have pawns, knights, bishops, rooks, queen and the most important one, king. You have 2 of each, a single queen, a single king, and 8 pawns.

The pawns are placed in the second rank, in front of the other pieces. Next, you have the rooks on the corners, next, the knights, the bishops, the queen on the square of her own color, and the king next to her, on the remaining square.

Each different type of chess piece moves in a different way, the pawns moving one field next to them, the rooks can either go horizontally or vertically, and there are many sub-rules depending on the position of each figure, so make sure to learn all possibilities if you want to win chess games.

Facts and Trivia about Chess

Learning chess facts and interesting trivia is very fun, especially since chess facts are constantly upgrading, as the game strategies are. Many of the chess facts also include tips on how to improve your gameplay and winning a lot. For instance, some of the most fun chess facts say that there is an AI that has taught itself how to play chess, and it is pretty good at it, it is even the strongest player on earth, if we can call it a player.

Also, the longest game possible of chess is consisted of a total of 5.949 moves – and the longest game played lasted for 269 moves and eventually ended with a draw.

Professional Chess Players and Tournaments

Chess is a very popular sport, which is why many people from throughout the world dedicate their time to learning chess strategies and improving their game so that they can participate in professional chess tournaments, this is why we have world-wide known professional chess players like Vasily Smyslov, Mark Taimanov, Marcel Duchamp and many more.

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Chess Video Games

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