Queen Of Thrones Slot Machine Game
Another invention of Leander Games, The machine A under Queen Of Thrones on a medieval theme of Castle and chivalry will take you in the middle of an epic battle and strong rebound. It will require your full attention just like playing real chess game.
The machine a sous comes in the form of a chessboard, it will not have 64 boxes like the original game but will allow to find the chess pieces as a symbol and other elements in wink at this indelible slot game.
You will therefore walk on a machine with 5 reels and 3 rows, 15 boxes on which your objective will be to fill one of the 30 available paylines. The symbols represent each piece of the Chessboard, The King, The Queen, the bishop, the horseman, the tower and the counters, the values also depend on the power of each piece. The Wild symbol is represented by the 3 most important coins assembled in a circle. This symbol can replace any symbol in the game to allow you access to larger combinations of symbols.
The Throne Feature is an option of the game Queen Of Thrones, you have surely distinguished the particular case at the center of the machine, it is the throne of the kingdom. A Queen present in this box will trigger the option. The Queen will capture every enemy symbol present next to the throne, of opposite color and then turn the symbols into Wild.
Another possible duel can occur when 3, 4 or 5 Free Spins symbols position on the game. You will win from 10 to 30 Free Spins where you will have a color assigned, white or black. When a chess piece of your color appears on the central position of the third reel, it will capture each enemy piece that will appear next to the square. However your piece must have the right to eat the opposing piece as in the chess rule, so the Queen can eat any piece around her, the tower can capture only those on the sides but not diagonally, the madman can especially eat the opposing pieces diagonally, the rider can act on the pieces by performing A or L and then the pawn can only take the pieces from the front. Every coin swallowed will turn into a wild symbol.
The last option in the game is the Big Capture bonus, 3 bonus symbols trigger this feature where you will have 25 squares in front of you, and will have to select 5. Find the hidden prices behind the boxes. The Queen Of Thrones machine from Leander Games is very complete and offers both a bonus game and game options that are different from what we used to see. The overall atmosphere is centralized on the medieval theme of Knights fights and presents the aspects of a chess game. Only here, no strategy needed to win, just a little luck.