Argentina. Triple tie at the national championship Maderna, J. Bolbochan and Reinhardt who score 8,5/12.

Austria. E. Paoli from Italia won the Xmas tournament of Vienna.

England. In Hastings, W. Unzicker from West Germany won the traditional tournament on 7/10 ahead of A. O’Kelly BEL and N. Rossolimo 6,5

Czechoslovakia. Jelinek Memorial 1st F. Pithart with 7/9 ahead of L. Pachman 6,5.

Holland. H. Pilnik from Argentina won the annual Beverwijk tournament with 6,5/9 ahead of the Belgian Master A. O’Kelly

Switzerland. M. Euwe (NED) and Pilnik (ARG) shared first at the 4th Xmas tournament of Lucerne.

USA. The US federation will publish twice a year a national ranking list. On the first list of 1951 the top players were: R. Fine 2817, Reshevsky 2770, A. Kevitz 2610, A. Dake 2598, A Simonson 2596, F. Reinfeld 2593, A. Denker 2575, I Kashdan 2574…

In New York, M. L. Hanauer won the Marshall CC championship.


Australia. Family business. CJS Purdy won the national title and his son J.S became Junior champion.

Bulgaria. Zvetkov won the national title.

Israel: After 10 years of exile, M. Czerniak returned to Jerusalem. He won a friendly match vs. Glass AUT with the score of 4,5-1,5.

New Zeeland. I. Linch won the 58th national championship.

Spain: A. Pomar won the tournament of Alicante ahead of Medina Garcia.

Sweden. G. Stoltz (SWE) won in Gothenburg with 6/7 and Enevoldsen (DEN) won in Jonkoping.

USSR. More than 500,000 participants registered in all over Russia for the preliminaries of the Chigorin memorial. In final Smyslov won the first prize ahead of Korchnoi.

Estonia beat Latvia in a match on 10  boards: 14,5-5,5.

In Leningrad, the Club of Nauka won the USSR Clubs Championship ahead of Istra and Zenit.


Germany.  Friendly match between Niephaus (GER) and A. O’Kelly (BEL) finished with 3,5-1,5 in favor of the German.

Iceland. N. Rossolimo from France won a small tournament in Reykjavik.

Italy. Castaldi won the national master at Florence.

Scotland: A. Thomson won the 58th national championship.

Yugoslavia. S. Gligoric won another national title with 11,5/17, just a half point ahead of the young A. Matanovic.

USA. The 1st Pacific Coast tournament saw the victory of A.W. Dake with 5,5/7. Hanauer won the Marshall CC champ.

USSR . The World Chess Championship final between M. Botvinnik and D. Bronstein start in Moscow on  March 16th

V. Smyslov, L. Aronin and M. Taimanov won the  Leningrad championship.


England. The traditional match between Oxford and Cambridge finished with 3,5-3,5.

N. Rossolimo (FRA) and X. Tartakower (FRA) shared first at the Southsea Chess Congress.

Germany. A. O’Kelly (BEL) made an impressive result in Dortmund by winning the field with 7,5/11 B. Milic (YUG) and A. Fuderer (YUG) tied for second with 7.

Germany beat Switzerland at Freiburg 11,5-8,5.

Great success for the old E. Bogoljubow who won the double-round tournament with 10,5 and came 2,5 points ahead of his rival Kieninger.

Holland. H. Donner won a match against L. Prins.

USA. R. Fine and L. Evans shared first at the Marshall C.C in New York.


Argentina. Mar del Plata. The South America Zonal tournament ended in a tie for the first place between E. Eliskases (BRA) and J. Bolbochan (ARG) with 19/22.

Denmark. E. Pedersen won the tiebreak match and the title of national champion.

Finland. K. Ojanen won another national title.

Germany. Bad Pyrmont. S. Gligoric (YUG) didn’t have too much problem to win the European Zonal tournament. He finished on 11/15 ( lost to L. Prins NED) ahead of W. Unzicker (FRG) 10 and A. Matanovic (YUG) and L. Prins (NED) 9,5.

Holland. In a match,  H. Donner beat T. Van Scheltinga 4-2.

Hungary. The great world master and the last remaining great chess figure of his era, Geza Maroczy died at 82 in Budapest.

USSR. In Moscow,  by drawing the match 12-12 against D. Bronstein, M. Botvinnik retained his title.


England. The first World Junior Championship was organized in Birmingham. The Yugoslav representative B. Ivkov won the event with supremacy. He ended the tournament with 9,5 /11 ahead of Baker ENG 8/11 and Cruz ARG 7/11. Were also playing B. Larsen DEN (5) and F. Olafsson ISL (12). The Soviets and other East European countries didn’t participate at the event.

Israel. Dr. Oren won the national championship ahead of Kniger and Glass.

Scotland. A. Thomson won the Scottish Championship.

USA. A. Denker won another strong tournament at the Manhattan CC scorring 10 pionts ahead of Bisguier and Kramer with9,5.

USSR. K. Kholmov won the Lithuanian championship ahead of A. Lilienthal and T. Petrosian.


Belgium. As expected, A. O’Kelly won the championship of the Belgium Chess federation ahead of F. Van Seters.

Canada. M. Cohen won the championship of Montreal.

East Germany. G. Stein 11.5/16 was the new national champion.

England. In Birmingham, FIDE and BCF celebrated the first chess tournament (1851) with an international invitational tournament. S. Gligoric (YUG) won the Jubilee with 10/16 ahead of V. Pirc (YUG), G. Stahlberg (SWE) and Trifunovic (YUG) 9,5/16.

France. Not so usual Mme Chaude de Silans beat the Champion of Paris S. Popel FRA 2,5-1,5.

Germany. Koch won the Berlin Championship.

Ireland. In Dublin, England won the 4th Glorney Cup.

Spain. L. Prins (NED) won the international tournament of Madrid with 12,5/17 ahead of Dr. O. Bernstein (FRA) and H. Pilnik (ARG) 11,5.


Austria. Outstanding success for the Israeli master M. Czerniak who won the Schlechter Memorial Tournament with 8 /11 ahead of E. Ludin (SWE).

Finland. In a friendly match, Sweden beat Finland 11,5-8,5.

France. A match between Paris and Barcelona has been won by the French 11-9. On board one Dr. O. Bernstein beat Medina 2-0.

England. The British Championship organized this year at Swensea was won by E. Klein.

Spain. The French champion N. Rossolimo won the tournament of Vittoria 6,5/7 ahead of L. Prins (NED) 6/7.

A. O’Kelly of Belgium won the international of Berga.

Switzerland. Mr. H. Grob did better then Mr. Pope by beating Mme Chaude de Silans 5,5-2,5.

USA. The Manhattan CC easily defeated the Marshall CC in the Metropolitan Championship by 9-3.

USSR. V. Smyslov, T. Petrosian and Zakharov are the winners of the 3 semi-finals of the USSR Championships.

Yugoslavia. In Belgrad, S. Nedeljkovic won the women national championship.


Belgium. A. O’Kelly won the national championship ahead of Dunkelblum.

France. In Vichy, M. Raizman became the 26th national champion.

Czechoslovakia. The second European Zonal has been organized at Marianske Lazne. L. Pachman (CZE) led all the tournament and unbeaten he won the tournament with a clear margin. He ended with 13/17. Second was L. Szabo (HUN) 12/17 and equal third G. Barcza (HUN) and G. Stoltz (SWE) 10,5/17.

England. In London, the Yugoslavia national team beat Great Britain 12,5-7,5.

Germany. In Krefeld, the Yugoslavia national team beat Germany 11-9.

Denmark. C. Poulsen (DEN) won the tournament of Flensborg.

Italy. M. Czerniak ISR continues his European trip with another success in the tournament of Reggio Emilia with 9/11 (9 wins!). L. Steiner USA was second with 8.

Spain. Dr. M. Euwe( NED) won the tournament of Gijon with 8/10. H. Pilnik (ARG) finished second  with 7,5. N. Rossolimo (FRA) was third with 6,5.

Switzerland. H. Grob won the national championship.

USA. L. Evans won the US Open which took place in Fort Worth. During the same period, he won also the blitz championship.

The 19-year-old L. Evans won the US. Championship with 9,5/11, a  full point ahead of the GM S. Reshevsky. Pavey was third with 7/11.

USSR. In Tbilisi, RSFSR won the USSR Republics Championship ahead of Moscow and Ukraine.


Bulgaria. A. Tsvetkov won the 16th national title. 

 S. Popel won the Paris Caissa CC tournament.

L. Schmid won his first major performance at Travemunde.

Italy. Two friendly matches were organized this month, Italy beat Austria 12-8 and drew with Switzerland 10-10.

Romania. N. Minev (BUL) a strong tournament in Bucharest.

Poland. Gereben (HUN) won the Prezpiorka Memorial Tournament.

Spain. The Belgian master A. O’Kelly won Berga with 11,5/13 followed of A. Ribera (ESP) 10,5, N. Rossolimo (FRA) and A. Pomar (ESP) 10 points.

N. Rossolimo from France won the tournament of La Coruna.

USSR. Tigran Petrosian (22) won the Moscow Championship with 9,5/12.


Argentina. Najdorf won another national title in Buenos Aires.

Belgium. The national team of Yugoslavia played a friendly match against the best Belgian players. The Yugoslavs won easily 17,5-2,5 but on board one S. Gligoric  could not make better than 2 draws with A. O’Kelly.

Canada. The former Lithuanian master Vaitonis won the Canadian championship.

West Germany. The old E. Bogoljubow scored another victory at the tournament of Saarbrucken.

France. Raizman won his 5th title as French Champion.

Germany. West Germany played a friendly match against Yugoslavia. The victory went to the Yugoslav 11-9.

Poland: B. Sliwa won the Polish championship in Lodz.


Iceland.  L. Johnsen won the 38th national championship.

Spain. The young R. Toran (19) won his first national championship.

Sweden. G. Stoltz won the final match for the national championship title against J. Jonhassen 3-1.

USA. J. Sherwin won the New York State Championship.

USSR. In Moscow, P. Keres won the 19th USSR Championship and Zonal tournament with 12/18 ahead of T. Petrosian 11.5.

Yugoslavia: B. Rabar won the 7th national championship.