Back in the day, if you wanted to watch a chess tournament and the top players in action, you actually had to travel to the place where the event would be taking place. If you were playing a tournament yourself, you were supposed to carry a suitcase full of your cloths, and additionally, unbelievably, a suitcase full of chess books, especially based on openings with your own notes and novelties.

The internet has changed all that. Ten clicks on your computer software or the internet and you will be transformed from a clueless student to a knowledgeable expert. The internet has changed chess forever and there are loads of websites out there sharing chess stories and data, but we are different.

THE CHESSPEDIA’s aim is to give good chess knowledge to the chess community. Biography, history, statistics, chronologies, facts, quotes, interesting chess news and many more topics will be developed on a regular basis. You will agree with us when we say that it is important not only to learn the theory but also to know everything that is behind the chessboard. That is how we can develop our community.

The CHESSPEDIA gives you easy access to information and keep your memory alive about the great people behind the chessboard and great tournaments that give you so much joy.

The Chesspedia will be a one of a kind virtual chess museum!

Our flagship product ECHESSPEDIA is a tiny chess application that will teach you how to improve your chess opening knowledge. All the 500 ECO codes, which mean all the chess opening variations, are developed with references. After buying the product, there will not be any more excuse to blunder after 10 moves!

A team of experts — chess writers, historians and master players — is behind this project. The aim?To satisfy your curiosity!

Yes, this website is yours! Do not hesitate to contact us to improve it and expand it with your chess knowledge!