I am deeply appreciated of the time and effort of many chess friends interested in the game of chess have devoted to the development of the art of this royal game. I pay tribute to them and gratefully acknowledge their contributions.

It is a must that I acknowledge in particular the generous assistance of the following individuals who have taken an active interest in helping to make this Encyclopedia as accurate as possible.

British Library for its archives.

Einar Einarsson for the pictures of Robert Fischer.

Nathan Davinsky for the editing.

Boris Dolmatovsky for his archives.

French Chess Federation for its archive.

Andrzej Filipowicz for his archives.

German Chess Federation for its archives

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The Hague National Library for the use of the library.

Haim Kolner for the website programming.

Tibor Karolyi, International Master, for the selection of games.

Irina Kristova for the Russian translations.

Boris Kutin for his chess connections in former Yugoslavia.

Vladimir Linder for his archives.

Monaco Chess Federation for its archives.

Emmanuel Manolas for editing chess compositions.

Moscow Chess Museum for its achives.

Bambusha Nominkhanova for the Russian translations.

Jean Michel Pechinet for his archives.

Oleg Pervakov for editing the material related to chess compositions.

Stewart Reuben for his archives.

Lothar Schmid, Grandmaster, for the use of his library.

Stefan Sergiev for the material on chess in Bulgaria.

Bill Wall for the editing chess content.

Bob Wade for his archives.

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