Divinsky Nathan Joseph Harry Prof. (29.10.1925-16.06.2012)

Divinsky-Nathan-Joseph-HarrCanadian Master, Professor of Mathematics (PHD at 24), historian and musician. President of CFC in 1954.

Best results: In 1946 and 1952, he won the Manitoba championship. In 1959, he tied 1st-4th in the Manitoba open. He was 3rd in the Canadian Championship of 1945 and represented Canada as Captain in the Olympiads of Amsterdam 1954 and Havana 1966.

Editor of the magazine Canadian Chess Chat from 1959 until 1974.

Canadian FIDE delegate and FIDE EXCO member (1987 till 1994 and 2004-2006). Bridge Life Master.

Inducted into the Canadian Chess Hall of Fame in 2001.

Author of
Around the Chess World in 80 Years 1959,Warriors of the Mind (with Keene) 1989, The Chess Encyclopedia 1990, Life Maps of the Great Chess Masters 1994.