Karolyi Tibor (15.11.1961)

karolyi THungarian International Master (1982), journalist and coach. Karolyi was the Hungarian Open Champion in 1984.

Former coached of Susan Polgar, Peter Leko (between ten to fourteen years old), Zoltan Gyimesi, Leroy who won several medals in youth competitions and Asian youth champions like Tejas Bakre and Jason Goh.

Karolyi is also a regular collaborator on the magazines’ Chess, New in Chess and Kingpin

The author of Judit Polgar (2004), Kasparov’s Fighting Chess 1993-1998 (with N. Aplin, 2007), Kasparov’s Fighting Chess 1999-2005 (with N. Aplin, 2007), Endgame Virtuoso Anatoly Karpov (with N. Aplin, 2007), Kasparov: How His Predecessors Misled Him About Chess (with N. Aplin, 2009), Genius in the Background (with N. Aplin, 2007), Karpov’s Strategic Wins 1 – The Making of a Champion 1961-1985. (2011), Karpov’s Strategic Wins 2 – The Prime Years 1986-2010 (2011), Mikhail Tal’s Best Games 1 – The Magic of Youth 1949-1959 (2014)Mikhail Tal’s Best Games 2 – The World Champion 1960-1971 (2015), Legendary Chess Careers (2016) and a few theoretical books on the Sicilian defenses and the Queen’s Gambit Declined.

Peak rating: 2475 in 1988.