Lange Max (07.08.1832 – 08.12.1899)

Lange-MaxGerman player, chess theoretician, composer and journalist. One of the founders of the Western German Chess Union (1861). Organizer the Leipzig Congress of 1894.

Winner of German Congresses at Dusseldorf in 1862, 1863 and 1864, Aachen 1868, and the Congress of the Western German Union at Hamburg in 1868. One of the founders and the president of the German Chess Union 1894-1899.

Editor of the German chess magazine Deutsche Schachzeitung (1858-1964) and author of Morphy(1859) and Handbuch der Schachaufgaben (1862).

He was the author of the original system of the development so-called Max Lange Attack in the Two Knights Defence. As a reputed problemist, he invented the ‘helpmate’.