Van Oosterom, Joop (12.12.1937-10.2016)

Van-Oosterom,-JoopDutch Correspondence Grandmaster (1993). Chess Patron. He is living in Monaco where he has established the Max Euwe Chess Association. World Chess Correspondence Champion in 2005 and 2008.

Van Oosterom was the generous sponsor of the Melody Amber Tournaments between 1992-2011, the Mini Olympiad Tournaments and Ladies vs Veterans.

His first big success was becoming Dutch CC Champion in Final 9 (1980-81). In 1982, he finished in third place in the Semifinal section of the fourteenth World Championship (11.5 points in 16 games). Two disappointing results followed: eighth place in the Dutch event Volmac A which he had sponsored (6.5 points in 14 games) and tenth place in the semifinal section of the sixteenth World Championship (6.5 points in 14 games).

However, he soon returned to his level by finishing first in the Candidates’ section of the fourteenth World Championship (11.5 points in 14 games). This result allowed him to participate in one World Championship Final. In 1988, he defended the Dutch board 1 in the third European Team Championship Final, with a final result of 5.5 points in eight games. During 1991-94, he took second place in the Dutch event NBC 25 years, with 16 points in 20 games (the first place went to GM Gert-Jan Timmerman with 17.5 points). In 1992, he defended board 2 for the Dutch team in the eleventh Olympiad Final, and although the team had a disappointing result, he had a great result with 10 points in 12 games.

In 1994, he sponsored the first ICCF Fax events, with two International Invitational sections (Section A won by Tero Kokkila of Finland, Section B won by Klaus Engel of Germany).

In the same year, he was ready to start playing in the fourteenth World Championship Final, but he withdrew due to a sudden illness and deferred his right to the fifteenth Final. In 1996, he participated in a very strong fifteenth World Championship Final, where he shared second place with GMs Poulsen (Denmark) and Gottardi (Switzerland) all with 11 points: the winner of the event was GM Timmerman with 12 points in 15 games.

From 1998 to 2001, he participated in the Danish event the Korning Memorial, sharing the first place with OTB GM Curt Hansen (11.5 points in 14 games). During 1999 to 2001, the Dutch event Millennium E-Mail Chess Tournament was organised for six top players in the ICCF The rating list: GM van Oosterom took third place, behind GMs Elwert (Germany) and Tarnowiecki (Austria). Once again, he sponsored this event.

During 2002 to 2004, he participated (and sponsored) the event ICCF 50 years Jubilee – Elite GM Tournament to celebrate the first 50 years of the International Correspondence Chess Federation. He shared first place with GM Elwert (10 points in 14 games).

Best ICCF ELO: 2773.